March 12, 2013 Update

All refunds for purchases from Russell Apiairies Alabama, LLC have been mailed to the purchaser.  


February 26, 2013 Update

Having had a week to digest conversations, posts, PMs, and interactions with others, Russell Apiaries Alabama, LLC has decided the most prudent course of action to take regarding those who have purchased queens and/or nucs from

us is to provide a refund for all those purchases. That should be completed in the next few days. If you are a purchaser who has paid for items via PayPal, we will be contacting you via the purchaser address on paypal.

 In the February 19, 2013 below, is a statement about genetics we believed to be true last week. It may be true, but there is the possibility that the genetics we obtained do not have the traits that were advertised for SunKist - Non Cordovan. Therefore, we have a moral objection to furnishing something that may not be what it was advertised to be and can not in good conscience do so.

 We will provide more information to our customers.

 In addition to the customers who have purchased from us, there are some that we told we would be filling their 2012 nuc order that Russell Apiaries (Robert Russell) did not deliver. That is no longer the case. You will need to contact them (Russell Apiaries / Robert Russell) or pursue the appropriate course of action to resolve the matter of your purchase.

 This website will remain up until the issues regarding our customers have been resolved. Through a fortuitous course of events, I am the site owner and in control of the content of this site. I have modified the membership settings so that all new members must be approved. I can't see the benefit of adding new members at this time.

 For the myriad of questions out there surrounding the program, please understand there are some things that are not prudent to share at this time. 

 We will obviously not keep the business name Russell Apiaries Alabama, LLC. However for the time being, it is a legal entity that will have to go through a process to change the name or end the entity. Some matters have to be resolved before doing so.

 Some questions I have seen on Beesource I will directly answer to the ones who asked. (Many people can confirm my identity for those who are uncertain, cautious, skeptical of who I am.)

 - Greg Lowe, Russell Apiaries Alabama, LLC



February 19, 2013 Update

Recent information has come to our attention regarding Russell Apiaries and the State Producer Program.  In a nutshell it appears that the Russell Apiaries State Producer Progam will come to an abrupt end.  

We do have the genetics and resources to provide the Sunkist Non-Cordovan Queens and nucs that we have sold.  We will be delivering those products as advertised.  So you can continue to make your plans for this season.

We now have hidden most of the pages on this website.

Fortunately, we used discretion in only offering to sell genetics we had in hand and could furnish to those wanting to buy from us.  We will be furnishing the April/May Nucs to the customers who have ordered them.  We will be furnishing the Sunkist Non-Cordovan queens to the customers who have ordered them.  We want to re-assure those of you who have followed the Beesource threads about Robert Russell that the state producers that we have interacted with are honorable people who have been deceived (some at substantial financial and operational losses) (including yours truely).

Russell Apiaries Alabama, LLC is a company independent of Robert Russell and affiliated with him through a "franchise agreement" in which we were to have access to various things, including their genetic lines of bees.  Robert Russell is not an owner of Russell Apiaries Alabama, LLC or in any way affiliated with its operation.

If you have questions that we can answer, please send them to [email protected]  We will try to answer them as best we can.


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